Open a Dapp account
To start trading crypto assets, you must first open an account with a crypto asset exchange.
Opening an account means “creating an account exclusively for the client to trade and withdraw crypto assets.”
To open an account with Dapp, please follow the steps below.
STEP1: Email address and mobile number registration
STEP2: Received the email
STEP3: Registration of personal information.
Deposit to your account
There are two ways to deposit money into your account.
A: Deposit USD
B: Deposit encrypted assets
buy crypto assets
Cryptocurrency prices are more volatile than other investment products.
Being able to trade and deposit/withdraw money from anywhere using the app is convenient.
1) This is a trading service recommended for beginners who buy at Dapp.
You can buy crypto assets.
2) Purchase with Dapp PRO
You can check and trade prices (market prices) by trading on the board where our company and other investors' "sell" and "buy" desired prices are displayed in real time. It features the ability to place complex orders such as limit, market and stop orders.
Sell Crypto Assets
In physical trading of crypto assets, you can make money by selling if the price is higher than when you bought it.
Since the profit amount varies according to time, it is convenient to use the app to sell anywhere.
1) This is for sale at Dapp
A recommended trading service for beginners. You can sell crypto assets.
2) You can view and trade prices (market prices) through board trading, and display the expected prices of "sell" and "buy" sold by our company and other investors using Dapp PRO in real time. It features the ability to place complex orders such as limit, market and stop orders.
Withdraw money from your account
You can withdraw Japanese yen and crypto assets.
A: Withdraw USD
B: Withdrawal of encrypted assets
If you want to start a new crypto asset (virtual currency) trading, Dapp
Dapp is operated by a subsidiary of the public company Remixpoint.
There are many features for beginners, such as crypto assets.
Using the app, you can easily view charts and price movements and trade at any time.
Also, it has a full range of features when it comes to trading boards for intermediate to advanced players.
If you are new to cryptocurrency trading, use Dapp as your first step in cryptocurrency trading.