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Subsidized Services Notes

・ About reservation order date and time-
DAY: Any time set by the company after 10:00 am every day - every week
(WEEK): Any time set by the company after 10:00 am every Tuesday
-Monthly (MONTH): Any time set by the company and the start date of the reserved order after 10:00 am on the 28th of each month
Will be the latest order date and time the next business day after the reservation request.
・You cannot apply for maintenance time.
・Even if you apply for subsidized services, there are no prior financial restrictions.
・Order the maximum quantity that can be purchased within the set reserve amount. >According to the price at the time of execution, the actual reserve amount may be lower than the set reserve amount.
・The execution time of the reservation order is an arbitrary time set by the company, and the customer cannot specify it in advance.
- The price of the crypto asset applied to the funding service will be the price at which the funding order is executed.
・ If any of the following reasons occur when placing a funding order, the funding order will not be placed.
--If the transaction volume does not meet the reserve order volume-if
Margin maintenance rate below 100% -
If the maximum number of holdings per stock is exceeded -
If reserve order due to execution margin reserve less than 0
--if margin call has occurred but not resolved-if
You do not agree to update the content of various contracts-
The amount set at the time of application is the price when executing the reserve order x the unit of the minimum transaction volume target problem if it is less than