Reason for being selected
BTSE Global of choice for a wide range of people from beginners to advanced cryptocurrency (virtual currency) traders.
Advantage 1
Various fees are available for free
Advantage 2
Support a variety of investment methods
Advantage 3
Full of easy-to-use trading tools
Advantage 4
Easy to get started even for beginners
Various fees are available for free
At BTSE Global, all fees for physical transactions are free.
Also, there are no instant deposit fees, crypto asset (virtual currency) withdrawal fees, account management fees, etc.
transaction fee
You can trade without worrying about low profit trades!
Instant Deposit Fees
You can make instant deposits for free from your affiliated bank account!
Deposit and Withdrawal Fees
Popular with clients using multiple exchanges
Account management fee
Provide a satisfactory trading environment for free
You can trade highly reliable crypto assets (virtual currencies)
With Bitcoin and popular altcoins, etc.
The high-reliability cryptocurrency (virtual currency) that ranks first in the market value of encrypted assets (virtual currency) can manage assets according to the investment style of customers.
Easy to get started even for beginners
Crypto assets (virtual currencies) can be traded from under $500
It is easy to open an account, so it is recommended that you do physical transactions for a reasonable amount.
Account opening application
You can apply to open an account from your PC or smartphone. Individual customers will use their smartphone's camera to verify their identity.
Receive notification of completion
Once your application has been screened, we will send you an email notifying you that account opening is complete.
Start trading
Log in to the trading website, enter the required information and start trading.